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Amelia Piper

Amelia Piper, Abolitionist (1796-1856) Amelia Piper fled Alexandria VA with her husband and four children between 1826 – 1830 and came to New Bedford by sea. Family lore has it that they came to New Bedford on a schooner owned by the Rotch family.  Once safely housed in New Bedford, the Piper family members did […]

Private Joseph J. Monte

Private Joseph J. Monte | Portrait By: Dr. Joseph “Zack” Souza (1888-1935) Joseph J. Monte aka Jose Jaime Monteiro was born in Fogo, Cabo Verde on November 25, 1888. He immigrated to the United States in September of 1900 and became a United States citizen on May 5, 1919. He enlisted in the United States Army on March […]